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在沙特阿拉伯与中国双边关系日益密切、经贸合作不断深化的大背景下,中国公司SEPCOIII 切实担当并进一步强化了自身推动沙特“2030发展愿景”与中国“一带一路”倡议中,关于推动沙特工业、商业以及教育领域发展,以及不断寻求在能源、基建等领取寻求投资发展的机会的“先锋”角色,从带动沙特当地就业,强化与沙特企业、机构合作,促进文化、知识交流等方面有力促进了沙特国家经济的发展。


China's SEPCO3 contributes to infrastructure and energy projects in the Kingdom

 In the context of the excellent relations and close cooperation between the Kingdom and China, SEPCO3 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to strengthen the role of the company under the vision of the Kingdom 2030 which support the industrial, commercial and educational fields, as the same time, the Chinese initiative to develop the Silk Road "ONE BELT ONE ROAD” which seeks to invest in infrastructure and energy networks and others. Where the existence of such as SEPCOIII in Saudi Arabia, supports the national economy in terms of development of the Saudi’s  labor and supports the local Saudi institutions and companies in addition to the participation of knowledge and culture.

SEPCOIII has several stations in Saudi Arabia among nearly 10 years. And one of the most important projects is Yanbu phase3 for the owner SWCC. As the project has important water  serve Almadina and it considers one of the world’s largest fuel stations with a capacity of 5 × 660 MW oil fired power. Already has been connected UNITS (1, 2 and 3) to the grid successfully. And AlMadinah has been provided by constant water. The project progress finished almost 74%, efficiently. And all the indicators were excellent beside SEPCOIII has received a great appreciation from the owner, supervisors and all other parties that were involved.

备注:沙特阿拉伯半岛报(Al Jazirah)是沙特具有重要影响力的报刊之一,创刊于1960年,在全球在超过30个国家和地区拥有分支机构。

SEPCOIII 在沙特执行项目已超过10年时间,先后承建了多个各类型电站项目。其中,最为重要地项目之一是SWCC的沙特延布三期电站项目。该项目拥有5台660MW燃油电站机组,是目前全球在建规模最大的燃油电站项目,此外配套的海水淡化项目承担着向麦地那供水的重任。截至目前,项目1、2、3号机组已成功并网,并稳定向麦地那输送淡水,项目总体进度完成约为74%,良好的项目执行成效赢得了业主、监理及各相关方的高度赞扬。

SEPCOIII, which is the first Chinese company that have a global influence in the energy plant, and considered one of the world's leading competitors, making its projects characterized by high quality and modern equipment used for construction as well. SEPCOIII has more than 100 projects, near 60 of them are international, especially in the continents of Asia and Africa in more than 23 countries. The company is well known as fast performance, planning, marketing, design and also operation and maintenance. It has more than 3000 contracting companies around the world and has high capacity of stores and materials as well as the ease of using the transportation between countries. SEPCOIII works to be the world's first construction and operation of various power plants. And it has received too many awards related to quality and speed of work and other, also social responsibility and education and much more.

SEPCOIII被誉为全球最具国际影响力的中国工程公司之一,是国际电站EPC领域的领跑者,高质量的工程品质及现代化的工程装备享誉海内外。SEPCOIII先后承建了100多个各类型电站项目,其中近60个是国际项目,特别是在亚洲和非洲大陆超过23个国家和地区。SEPCOIII以高效的项目执行,规划,,设计以及运营和维护而闻名。SEPCOIII在全球拥有3000多家分包商与合作方,拥有强大的设备、材料存储以及跨国运输能力。 SEPCOIII致力于成为世界上各类型电站E、P、C、O领军品牌,并先后获得质量、安全、进度、社会责任等各领域诸多奖项。


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